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Does not install

I have installed the chemistry add for word. The install finishes with no errors and I can see it in add/remove programs but when I open word 2016 there is no chemistry tab in the ribbon. I have ...

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Chemistry Add-in for Word for OpenOffice?

In an effort to try to get the Chemistry Add-in for Word to work in an OSX environment, would it work using OpenOffice running in OSX? Are there any options for students to use Chemistry Add-in fo...

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Doesn't Work on MS Office 2016 Professional Edition

Hello Team, I tried running the Chem4Word add-in on MS Office 2016 professional edition. But it isn't working. Running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit. The install was successful but when i go into file...

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Missing word document references

After installing Chem4Word, all document references to Normal.dotm are replaced by references to Chem4Word.dotx. All my Word customizations are lost! The Add-In list for each document must now be...

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Chem4Word Error: An error has occured, method not implemented

Hi there, Yesterday I found your tool Chem4Word because I searched for a tool to create chemical formulas. I downloaded version beta. This is the first version I installed on my compute...

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Does not work with Office 365 Word 2016

Does not load. When can we have a version that does?

Id #7572 | Release: None | Updated: Apr 20, 2016 at 8:20 PM by MikeWill34 | Created: Apr 8, 2016 at 1:23 PM by rasikdon Beta 7 updater does not work towards Beta 8

Currently have Beta 7 installed. Whenever Word is launched, there is a window saying "Update Available" asking to update to beta 8. However When "Update Now" is pressed, only the progress b...

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Add-in is throwing XML errors

I have the Chemistry add-in installed on our server with Word 2010. It installed properly and loads when Word opens, however when we try to create a new structure, it throws an error after a secon...

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Chem4Word Won't Let Me Change the Default Font?

I downloaded and installed Chem4Word, and for whatever reason, it changed my default font to 11 point Calibri(Body). First, I really don't like Calibri as a font. Period. I. Just. Don't. Like. It. ...

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Chem4Word & other Word addins causing Word 2013 to crash on Win 8.1

I've been trying to track down a crash in Word 2013 when I have both Chem4Word & a normal Word 2013 addin installed. I've managed to reproduce the problem with these steps: 1) Install Office 201...

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